How Do Pressure Washer Surface Cleaners Work?

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High powered high efficiency tools have been around for many years, with each New Year bringing about upgraded and more efficient tools that can be utilized for a variety of different functions and are created with a number of different features to make them very applicable to the tasks and challenges that are faced each and every day.

One such device that is very useful but not always utilized effectively is a pressure washer surface cleaner. As the name implies, this is a high-pressure water-shooting device that is used to clean dirty surfaces, mostly ground surfaces but can also be applied to others such as walls and even some other forms of items that need cleaning.

What can a pressure washer surface cleaner clean?

A pressure washer has the ability to clean surfaces such as:

  • Floors (including cement, bricks, stones and other outdoor areas)
  • Walls
  • Fences
  • Grills

There are a variety of different items that can be cleaned with a pressure washer surface cleaner but listed are just a few that you could imagine having to use them on in a regular every day scenario. There are other applications and the pressure can be used on them, however it is important to first determine if it is applicable.

An example of a surface cleaner is the:

Comparison Chart

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Karcher T300 Hard Surface Cleaner for Karcher Electric Power Pressure Washers (Deck, Driveway, Patio, Tool Accessory)
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NorthStar Pressure Washer Surface Cleaner – 20in. Dia. 4000 PSI, 8.0 GPM
BE Pressure BE-1800WAW 18″ Heavy Duty Composite Whirl-A-Way

Karcher Gas Pressure Washer T-Racer Wide Area Surface Cleaner T300

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Floors are the most common and most recognized surfaces that can be effectively cleaned by a pressure washer surface cleaner. One of the reasons for this is because they are considered high traffic areas and therefore are exposed to a lot of movement, which results in more chances to become dirty and are affected by the elements.

When referring to floors, it is important to remember that this applies to outdoor flooring such as cement paths, brick walkways, cobblestone and other forms of walking areas. Such areas are known to pick up dirt and grime and generally get dirtier with age as they are affected by rain and weather and other natural factors.

One such element that shows on these surfaces is mold and inbuilt mold, a very difficult impact that can be extremely difficult to remove if you are attempting to do so by hand without the use of a pressure washer surface cleaner. However, with that tool in hand, your job will be made a lot easier and you’ll come out on top with a cleaner floor.

Walls such a brick walls, cement walls and other similar materials also suffer from the same fate as the floors mentioned previously. As these types of walls are usually outside, they can also get affected by the weather and grow mold and other forms, however the pressure washer can be customized to work for these surfaces.

It’s easy to clean these through something like the:

NorthStar Pressure Washer Surface Cleaner – 16in. Dia. Size, Model# FCL400BEM

31HY0CqQrRL. SL500

Key Takeaway: Fences and grills form a somewhat similar category where tough stains can become lodged on them, making it difficult to remove without high-pressure water. This is apparent for grills, which might have cooked in food that are almost cemented like. The customizability of a pressure washer surface cleaner will easily solve this problem.

How does a pressure washer surface cleaner clean?

The first step to operating a pressure washer surface cleaner is to ensure all tools and connections are properly attached so that the device works without any problems. Having all the equipment with you and the pressure washer surface cleaner attached to a power source and water source will ensure it will work without fail.

When you pull the trigger on the device, the motor inside compresses and then shoots out the water at an extremely high pressure through the nozzle and out of the connecting nozzle application, usually in the form of a long hose. On a pressure washer surface cleaner this looks like a type of straight bristled circulator brush.

There are ones with handles such as:

18″ Whirl-a-Way Pressure Washer Surface Cleaner 4000 PSI


The way in which the pressure washer surface cleaner works is the high pressure water shoots out and dislodges the dirt and other stains in the surface, whilst the brush bristles of the surface cleaner nozzle will coax it out more and clean the surface, brushing away excess dirt and pulling additional ingrown mold further.

Key Takeaway: Within the confines of the pressure washer surface cleaner, the water nozzle will spin in a circular motion, allowing you to get a wide reach in your cleaning area and provide a consistent and smooth flow of water to a certain area, providing enough spread to clean efficiently and easily with less power placed on the pressure washer surface cleaner.

What should I remember when operating a pressure washer surface cleaner?

The most important part of this appliance is with regards to safety when operating it. Safety is the most important aspect of operating any piece of machinery and the operation of a pressure washer surface cleaner is no different. The components in its use can cause some harm, so it is important to protect yourself when operating.

Danger comes in the form of the high-pressure water that is created from the device, which has the capacity to cut into your skin and form lacerations. In some cases where the pressure washer surface cleaner has a higher pressure, it can cut even as deep as a knife wound would and also result in infections and other unwanted problems.

Safety equipment should always be used, especially to protect your most important assets. Safety goggles are a must due to the sensitive nature of your eyes and the impact damaging them would have. Additionally, closed toe shoes will protect your feet in the chance that the high-pressure water ever comes in close proximity to them.


As long as significant care is used when operating the pressure washer surface cleaner and you are consistent with the way you brush and apply the high pressure water to the affected area, you can be certain that at the end you will be left with a much cleaner and much nicer looking surface, all thanks to a wonderful pressure washer surface cleaner