What Safety Measures Should I Take With My Pressure Washer?

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Safety is the most important thing to consider when operating any piece of machinery. In most cases with high-end equipment there are certain factors that allow it to work the way it does, however his can require special care and consideration. It is important to know what safety measures need to be taken in order to properly and efficiently.

What points should I focus on with pressure washer safety? 

There are number of concerns and tips that you should consider when attempting to use a pressure washer if you wish to do so safely. It is important to follow every one of them, as missing a single one could possibly put you or other people in danger or risk some form of damage as a result:

  • Understand the equipment
  • Wear protective clothing
  • Operate device properly
  • Ensure area is clear

These three main points emphasis the basis of safety when operating a pressure washer and should always be followed. Firstly you will want to ensure you understand how the pressure washer works. Reading and following the manual ensures that you limit any errors when using it as well as identify any faults before they occur when in use.

Protective clothing is a must when operating machinery, as not all parts of your body are as durable as the machine. Ensuring that your face, hands and feet are protected is generally good safety practice as well safety for using a pressure washer. Additionally, you will also want to protect our ears from the loudness of the washer.

Linking in with the understanding of how the equipment is meant to be used as well as how to maintain the device, it is essential to know how to use it and keep it in control. Holding it with two hands and control the spray is vital. Controlling the pressure washer helps to prevent the possibility of errors on your part or from injuring others.

Key Takeaway: Another point to focus on is ensuring that any children or people in the area are clear of the pressure washer and cannot possibly get in its path. You do not want them to get hit by the pressure washer, where they can get injured and risk damaging parts of their body including sensitive areas such as face, genitals or hands and feet.

What are some tools that can provide me with safety when using my pressure washer?

Safety and wellbeing when using certain tools or pieces of equipment can sometimes be improved only by using specialized equipment with the purpose of safety in mind. There are a variety of different items, however some are more important than others and can be used for more than just the operation of a pressure washer:

DEWALT DPG82-11C Concealer Clear Anti-Fog Dual Mold Safety Goggle

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These safety goggles provide built-in ventilation channels that allow extra fog control and prevent your eyes from straining as a result of fog buildup when in use. Additionally the seal is dual injected rubber to ensure both security as well as comfort when using them, with the lens and strap easy to replace and also tough and durable.

With hundreds of these goggles sold, it’s no issue of whether or not they are effective. People who have bought it love the fact that it is especially useful when you have to wear prescription glasses and the fact that it covers your eyes for a number of different tasks, ensuring that safety is paramount no matter how big or small the situation.

Some purchasers have however claimed that the built in ventilation does provide some assistance against fogging however they have still had some issues with the goggles fogging up despite their best efforts. It is not certain if this is also the case but may be more apparent in much more humid and hotter environments.

3M Peltor H10A Optime 105 Earmuff

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These safety earmuffs have a noise reduction rating of 30dB ensuring that you get a good level of cover against loud noises. Additionally the design is meant to provide superior comfort and fit securely alongside the hearing protection. Additionally the headband is adjustable for any size and both earmuffs are padded securely.

With over 1,000 purchased in the past, this specific earmuff is one of the more popular ones available and for good reason. It’s been said to provide excellent hearing protection at a significant amount to keep your protected and especially comfortable for prolonged periods of use, for people who use it for multiple hours every day.

On the flip side, there have been a marginally small amount of people who have claimed that the earmuffs are either small or do not provide them with enough comfort. Whilst 100% comfort is not guaranteed, the amount expected to not find these earmuffs comfortable is a very small amount and should be discredited pre-purchase.

Custom Leathercraft 125M Handyman Flex Grip Work Gloves, Medium

Safety gloves are an especially important tool whenever hands are involved. These gloves have multiple sizes to fit any hand and are created with a variety of different materials to ensure it ticks all the necessary boxes. It mentions both comfort, toughness, resistance to shrinking, stretching and hardening to ensure it can be used many times.

A large number of purchasers have found it to be excellent quality for the price you pay, with some working in the Air Force and recommending these gloves. Whilst this is not on the same scale as operating a pressure washer, it is a strong indication of the protective qualities that these gloves possess and how they can help you.

There has been a small amount of purchasers who have had issues with the materials of the gloves, with some claiming that it was not as durable as advertised or fell apart fairly quickly. It is difficult to tell what the cause was but more than likely fixable by contacting the manufacturer and getting a replacement made as soon as possible.


There is more to using a pressure washer than just turning the machine on and pointing it at the intended target. The various tools and tips mention with regards to the safe operation of a pressure washer should definitely be taken into consideration to ensure that each and every time you use the device you are keeping yourself and others safe.