How to Replace or Repair Your Power Washer Pump?

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One of the hardest fact to swallow is when your expensive power washer starts to encounter problems, such as leaking, which is very common even if you own the most expensive one sold in the market. The great thing about this is that it’s not the end of the world for your power washer as you can easily fix it.

The most common area affected when it comes to leaking is the power washer pump. You can either try to repair it, or replace it if you have found out that it’s completely broken. This is relatively easy to do; you don’t have to be a builder or a very knowledgeably handyman to pull this off.

As long as you know where the parts are located (or you’re familiar with it, at least), you have an idea who the whole thing works, you have the necessary tools, and you know how to follow instructions, then you can simply do the replacing or repairing of your power washer pump. No need to pay hundreds of bucks for a repair man or plumber.

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What are the most common problems of power washer leaks?

The most common problem relating to power washer leaks is associated with the pump. There are two kinds worth knowing about:

  1. Pump Assembly – The pump assembly of the power washer is worth checking out after your first notice the leaks. The assembly may either be worn out or need to be rebuilt. The simplest way to deal with this problem is to replace the entire pump if it is a few years old and is always used.

If the pump is new or it is not used very often, the step to take is to rebuild the assembly and replace the seals. This way, you’ll be saving money, as the pump is still operational.

Buying a kit is the most cost-effective way to go as you’ll get everything you need in one set, such as the:

Briggs & Stratton 207365GS Pump Kit for Pressure Washers

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  1. Pump – You will notice if the pump is worn out, as there might be signs of breakage. When you open it and notice that it’s beyond repair, the only step to take is to replace the pump along with the entire assembly. Before doing so, it’s also worth checking trying to replace the pump assembly first as this step is cheaper.

After the new pump assembly has been installed and there’s still leaking, the problem lies to the pump. Purchasing a pump is not that expensive; you can buy it in most hardware stores. Most of them are also compatible to any type or brand of power washer you own.

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This one fits all brands of pressure or power washers of up to 2700 max psi. It comes oiled, sealed, and ready for installation.

Key Takeaway: Don’t be adamant when it comes to checking out what’s wrong with your power washer. If you see the first signs of leaking, do check out what’s wrong inside so you’ll be able to remedy the problem before it gets worse. Doing this will save you money in the long run, as the early damages may be minor. As for leaking, the first things to check out are the hoses, the pump assembly, and the pump itself.

What is the step-by-step procedure for replacing or repairing a power washer pump?

As mentioned, prepare the necessary tools for the repair or replacement. You may need something to remove the nuts and bolts that secure the pump in its place. Also make sure that the necessary materials are complete, such as the replacement pump as well as the pump assembly.

  1. Check if your pump is the axial cam or triplex plunger pump as these are the ones that can be replaced. If your pump is the wobble type, you better go look for a new power washer, as these can’t be replaced.
  2. Purchase a replacement pump that is compatible with the model of your power washer. Determine the type of pump (axial or triplex) and then the shaft diameter size. If you can, take the old pump with you when buying the new one so you can compare the sizes.
  3. Match your old pump’s pressure rating (PSI) and gallons per minute (GPM) with the new pump.
  4. Dismantle the power washer and find the pump to be replaced. Carefully remove it using the necessary tools. Bolts and nuts may secure it. Before you do this, don’t forget to disconnect the power washer from any power source for safety purposes.
  5. Before installing the new pump, ensure that you wrap thread tape around the thread to ensure a nice seal. You want the pump assembly to be in place as well.

Briggs & Stratton 193807GS Pump Seal Set for Pressure Washers

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  1. Place back all the connections and connect all tubes to the pressure washer.
  2. Turn on the power washer and do your usual cleaning chores to check if the replacement is successful. There should be no more leaks after this.

Key Takeaway: Finding the exact size and type of pump replacement may be one of the difficult tasks associated with the entire replacing process. Make sure to do your research so you’ll be able to get your hands on the perfect replacement. This way, you won’t encounter problems when you go through it.


Try your best to remedy a problem before it gets worse. A power washer is something that you want to take good care of, not only because it is expensive, but it’s also a tool that’s supposed to last you years of good use. A leaky pump is only a small problem and it can be easily fixed. Don’t scrap the entire power washer just because of this; do proper research as this can be easily repaired or replaced.