Power Washer Reviews: How to Buy the Right One

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If you are having difficulty looking for power washers or you’re getting confused with the difference of power washers with pressure washers, then you’ve come to the right place. If you’re looking to purchase a power washer, it’s important to note what sets it aside to the traditional pressure washer.

Power washers are essentially the same with pressure washers; the purpose and the function are very similar in nature. What makes the power washer different is the added feature that makes the water it spews out hotter.

Like the pressure washer, the stream of water created by the power washer is just as strong to clean and remove persistent dirt. The only difference is that the water temperature is heated up to a certain degree.

Comparison Chart

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SIMPSON MB1518 1500 PSI at 1.8 GPM Diesel Fired Hot Water Pressure Washer
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Pressure Washer,3000PSI Electric Pressure Washer, 1.8GPM Electric Power Washer High Pressure Washer with Spray Gun, Brush, and 4 Quick-Connect Spray Tip, Blue
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Easy-Kleen Professional 4000 PSI (Gas – Hot Water) Pressure Washer w/ Kohler Engine & Electric Start (12V Burner)

Where can you buy power washers?

There are very, very few manufacturers that advertise or call their products power washers because essentially, they are still in the same level as pressure washers except they spew hot water instead of room temperature. There are very few who sell this type of item because they’re more on the heavy-duty and expensive side.

Some of the products that you can try are listed below with short descriptions of each. Try to check if anything suits your needs. If you consider that they’re very strong, or the price is too much for your budget, you can stick with the “traditional” pressure washers but you have to accept the lack of heated water.

Simpson Mini-Brute MB1223 1,500 PSI 120 Volt Electric/Diesel Powered Hot Water Heavy Duty Pressure Washer

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This hot water pressure washer is fired by diesel and can create a temperature of up to 100 degrees.

This pressure washer has a pump/motor/blower system that operates on a 120v outlet and extra large steel fuel tank for all-day hot water cleaning without the need for refueling. Although built quite enormously for daily use, it has 13″ pneumatic tires that make it easier for moving around the lawn, shop, or farm.

Key features worth noting are 120 Volt Induction Motor with 35ft Power Cord and GFCI protection, 1700 psi, heavy duty frame, convenient on-board storage for other tools like spray gun, wand, hose, electric cords, etc. and 25 feet industrial steel braid water hose.

Pressure Washer 3000PSI Electric Pressure Washer, 1.8GPM

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The water heater runs by using propane gas and can heat up to 158 F. This pressure washer is pretty heavy duty for its 2,750 psi; grime and dirt will not stand a chance with its powerful spray of hot water. In addition to power information, it has 3,000 rpm, 1.8 gpm, and 15-75 psi inlet pressure.

The entire machine comes with 3.8 Quart Gasoline Fuel Tank, 5 Foot Soap Hose, 33 Foot High Pressure Hose so you can take it practically anywhere and use it for hours without running out of power. It is meant for heavy industrial cleaning as the built-in heater help cut through stubborn stains, dirt, and grease for larger areas at a time, so you can finish work as quickly as possible.

It also includes 5 assorted quick connect tips that allow you to adjust the water pressure coming from the sprayer, and change the spray pattern. This way you can clean hard to access areas and have variety in cleaning.

Easy-Kleen Professional 4000 PSI (Gas – Hot Water) Pressure Washer w/ Kohler Engine & Electric Start (12V Burner)

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This is an add-on unit for cold-water pressure washers that allow it to become a hot water/steam pressure washer. This is great especially if you really want to stick with your normal pressure washer but want to have an option to use heated water from time to time.

This add-on is quite heavy duty so it requires pressure washers that have 2-4 GPM and 4000-psi max. It is powered by diesel that can heat up the water up to 250 F. The machine comes with a diesel burner with heating coil, temperature control, and a 4-gallon fuel tank so you can do more for hours at time.

To make it easier for you to connect with your pressure washer, it has a five feet quick couple hose. This add-on is great if you’re doing a lot of heating that your pressure washer can’t handle on its own or you want reinforcement just in case. A major downside is that you have to lug two heavy machines when doing your cleaning.

What are the factors to consider when choosing the best power washer?

Needs – Assessing how you’ll use the power washer for is very important, as these machines don’t come cheap. Do you really need hot water so badly when doing your routine cleaning at home? If you intend to use it for light chores around the house such as spraying the deck and yard or cleaning your car, choose a normal pressure washer.

Power – Most heated pressure washers (aka power washer) come in industrial grade because the added heat is useful for tackling heavy build up of dirt and grime. If you won’t need something more than the average 1500 psi, which is the norm for consumer use, don’t opt for power washers.

They’re more powerful because they are intended for cleaning the nastiest dirt and grime out there. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have needed the added heat.

Budget – The power washer unit itself is already costly; it averages around a thousand dollars and may cost more as the psi figure rises. Running it is equally money consuming as it will need gallons of fuel and additional water. Producing a strong stream of water already consumes a lot, how much more heating it beforehand?

Key Takeaway: Consider getting a heated pressure washer or power washer when you really need to, for example if you intend to use it to clean your business establishments. If intended for home use, save yourself the effort and money and just buy a simple pressure washer.


Power washers are essentially pressure waters that contain an additional heater to create a strong stream of hot water. This is best used to tackle heavy dirt and grime as the hot water helps with melting these off, making cleaning much faster and efficient. However, they are quite big in size and are costly too.