What are the Best Gas Pressure Washers?

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Gas pressure washers are powerful machines that are capable of cleaning a relatively large area while consuming only a little bit of your time. They are heavy-duty and powerful thus consumes a lot of water and fuel. Considered as commercial grade, they are too big and consuming when used at home or at a consumer level.

When getting a gas pressure washer, make sure to check out how large the area, how much dirt should be cleaned, and how often you will use the gas pressure washer. This is to maximize the use of the washer and get the best out of your buck. If you are sure that you’ll have a lot to clean and need more power out of a pressure washer, then a gas-powered one may be what you’re looking for.

Below you’ll find some of the best gas pressure washer you ought to check out.

Comparison Chart

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Generac 10000006882 GPW 2900PSI Power Washer SPEEDW, 2900 PSI, Black & Orange
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SIMPSON Cleaning PS3228 PowerShot Gas Pressure Washer Powered by Honda GX200, 3300 PSI at 2.5 GPM, Black
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CRAFTSMAN Pressure Washer, 2100 PSI (CMEPW2100)
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Karcher 11073880 G3200XK Gas Pressure Washer, Gray/Yellow

If you aren’t sure what to get because of the array of choices lined in front of you, it’s worth reading about them and understanding what they are capable of. In this article, you will be able to take a good look at four gas pressure washers:

Generac 6596 2,800 PSI 2.5 GPM 196cc OHV Gas Powered Residential Pressure Washer

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There are two types for this gas pressure washer: CARB Compliant and Non CARB Compliant. The one that comes with CARB compliance is slightly more expensive (about $30 more). Be sure to check out your city ordinance before purchasing a gas pressure washer.

Features: The OHV engine of this pressure washer is at 196cc, enough to deliver maximum cleaning performance and is reliable enough not to die on you while in the middle of your work. It comes with an axial cam pump with easy access connections so you won’t have to bend down when doing the necessary setup.

The spray gun is designed in a way that brings comfort to the one handling it. Because the engine vibrates a lot, the handles tend to be very uncomfortable to grip. Generac made it so the handles are more comfortable through a molded grip, easy to pull trigger and rear hose connection so you’ll be able to feel comfortable during prolonged use. The machine also comes with tires for easy maneuvering in rough roads.

Simpson MSH3125-S MegaShot 3100 PSI 2.5 GPM Honda GCV190 Engine Gas Pressure Washer

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This gas pressure washer is great for both home and commercial use because it comes with a Honda GC190 OHC premium residential engine with engine oil. The OEM axial cam brass head pump is maintenance-free and has a power boost technology that provides high pressure.

Features: The engine, nozzle, and controls are set up in a welded frame construction placed atop two premium pneumatic tires for easier and faster maneuvering whatever the road surface is. The engine is paired up with an equally good quality MorFlex high pressure hose that is kink and abrasion resistant and provides flexibility for easier handling while you are washing.

The steel wand comes with five quick connect nozzle tips0°, 15°, 25°, 40°, and soap applicator nozzle. There is also a small on-board accessory storage for the wand, hose, and nozzles so you won’t have to worry about losing these smaller items as they will always be close to the engine.

CRAFTSMAN Pressure Washer, 2100 PSI CMEPW2100

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This gas pressure washer is best suited for consumer use because it packs a punch when washing but is small and portable enough to maneuver around the house or the back and front yard. It also has the same power and psi as most electric pressure washers, but this one is more heavy-duty.

Features: The compact 140cc motor is held by a metal frame construction with tall handles. The frame is propped on a pair of wheels for easier maneuvering. The machine comes with a 25 foot long, 3/8-inch diameter, and non-marring, high-pressure hose. It also comes with three nozzles suited based on your washing needs: 25 and 40 degree, one low-pressure soap nozzle.

The trigger comes with a chrome-plated spray wand with quick connect nozzle coupler. The size and power of this gas pressure washer is just enough to clean decks, patios, walkways, siding, cars, furniture, and other outdoor equipment. The gas pressure washer is very easy to install and is considered very affordable compared to other gas and electric pressure washers alike.

Karcher 11073880 G3200XK Gas Pressure Washer

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This gas pressure washer is very similar in appearance to the Simpson washer because they have the same style of steel metal frame with two 10-inch pneumatic tires for easier transporting.

Features: Like the Simpson washer, this one has a 3,200-psi engine with 2.5 GPM and direct-drive axial pump. The washer comes with spray wand, trigger gun, pro-style quick-connect nozzles, and hose/gun/wand holder. The pressure hose is 24-foot long and has quick-connect couplings. The trigger gun comes with a child lock for additional safety.

The metal frame is coated with chip-resistant black crinkle finish. If you encounter any problems, the pressure washer comes with a one-year limited Karcher warranty and a two-year limited engine warranty. Also, if you are a resident of California, this gas pressure washer is not available for sale because it is non-CARB compliant. Always check your city ordinances prior to purchasing any gas pressure washers.


When choosing the best gas pressure washer, consider the purpose, area, intensity, and frequency of use. You don’t want to get a $500 overpowered gas pressure washer just to clean your car and patio. Although gas pressure washers are considered powerful and heavy-duty, there are ones suited for consumer use and many people rely to them because they finish the job rather quickly compared to electric pressure washers.

The best gas pressure washers are also built sturdily and are composed of metal structures so they last longer without doubt. Make sure to get your gas pressure washer from a reputable brand and seller for peace of mind, no matter the cost.